1. Duration of the Tour?

Around 40/45 minutes.

2. How does the visit work? Is it possible to enter immediately?

The entrance is every 30 minutes, accompanied by hostesses who will give you information about the objects on display and the parts of the stadium visited.

3. Is it possible to access the football pitch?

No, you can only access up to a certain point indicated by the staff on the syntetic turf, surrounded by the tendiflexes in front of the benches.

4. Is there a refund if I purchase a ticket and for personal reasons I am unable to arrive at the stadium in time for the appointment?

To be checked with the organizer.

5. Where is the closest point to buy match tickets?

At the ticket office located in Viale delle Olimpiadi. In the coming weeks, the sale of match tickets will also be arranged in the Store used for the Tour.

6. From what time is the Tour active?

From 10am to 6pm, with the last Tour starting at 5.30pm.

7. Is there a toilet during the Tour?

Yes, at the end of the path there are toilets available.

8. Where is the entrance?

At the Carrabile Monte Mario, in Viale dei Gladiatori. On the left hand side of the ticket office, the entrance of the Tour is the last gate under the writing “Stadio Olimpico Tour”.

9. Do we need the Green Pass?

Being a guided tour and given to the regulations put in place, until April 30th, the Tour can only be accessed with the Green Pass, meaning proof of two vaccine doses.

10. Are there any discounts for families?

There are currently no discounts for families.

11. Can I come in just to take pictures?

In the stadium visitors can only enter with a ticket and being accompanied by the guide.

12. Is there a restaurant?

There is a bistro at the end of the Tour.

13. Can I park in Viale dei Gladiatori with no extra charge?

Of course, parking is free.

14. Are match tickets also sold at the same point?

No, this is the ticket office set up for the stadium Tour only.

15. Why can't I visit the stadium on the same day as the match?

On match days, the stadium is entirely dedicated to the production of the event; therefore, the tour route is unusable.

16. Is the Tour accessible also for guests in wheelchair?

The Tour is equally accessible in the following areas: Entrance, Tunnel of Legends, Mixed Zone, Changing Rooms, Pitch and Bar.

17. I bought the tickets online, and I will arrive at the Stadium with children under 6 years old. Since I can’t buy the tickets for them, will they be able to enter without tickets?

No, children under the age of six enter for free, but they still need to have a coupon that can be picked up at the ticket office before entering the Stadium.