The itinerary includes a visit to places that have not been accessible so far, such as the path of the legends where the main stars who wrote the history of this stadium are celebrated (Francesco Totti, Giorgio Chinaglia, Vasco Rossi and Roger Waters), the mixed zone, the locker rooms, the trophy portal, the players’ entrance (the “Be a Hero” section), the pitch, the most exclusive stands and hospitality areas, finishing in the Stadium Store where you can buy a souvenir of the visit and the bistro restaurant.

N.B.: The path is subject to change according to the events hosted at the Stadio Olimpico.


The entrance dedicated to visitors who wish to take the Tour is located at the Monte Mario Tribune.

1. The legends of Stadio Olimpico

The tunnel that traditionally is used by the coaches of the players before entering the pitch, on matchday, becomes the Tunnel of Legends for the Tour.
The history of the Stadio Olimpico is made up of great stars who have forged unforgettable moments inside this stadium. From the Olympic triumph of Livio Berruti, to the victorious captains, Dino Zoff and Giorgio Chiellini, to the memories of the greatest players of the two teams of Rome, from Francesco Totti to Daniele De Rossi, from Giorgio Chinaglia to Ciro Immobile. This path is ready to welcome new emotions written by their protagonists. The tour begins in the famous tunnel, normally reserved for the teams’ coaches, which turns into the tunnel of the Legends: a collection of memorabilia related to the protagonists of the stadium, a system of colored LEDs and engaging audios allow the visitor to immediately experience the emotion of approaching in the core areas of the stadium.

2. A history filled by emotions

In the heart of the stadium, the mixed zone, in an experiential space, an intense and engaging story of decades of history, from its opening with Italy - Hungary to the most recent emotions of UEFA Euro2020.

Within the mixed zone, three moments of engagement are set up:

  • The History of the Stadio Olimpico, timeline: the main historical / architectural events and adjournaments that have characterized the stadium over time are highlighted.
  • Wall Frame: a technological area consisting of 10 screens dedicated to the events that unfolded at the Stadio Olimpico. Each screen is equipped with a QR Code that will authenticate each user on a dedicated web app, through which it will be possible to access special content and in-depth insights via text, audio and video.
  • Backdrop: Relive the important process of the arrival of the players and their interviews with the press, through the usage of the digital backdrop.

3. The locker rooms

The path continues with exclusive access to the locker rooms of A.S. Roma, FIGC (the Italian National Team) and S.S. Lazio which will be filled by content, memorabilia and attractions that allow the visitors to experiene the same emotional impact that players experience right before entering the pitch.

4. Be a hero

The fan is the twelfth player on the pitch. At the Stadio Olimpico, the two home teams, S.S. Lazio and A.S. Rome, have created unforgettable choreographies, choirs and anthems of great impact, even for the players themselves.
The entrance “Be a Hero” wants you to relive these moments.

5. The pitch

Finally we arrive at the pitch, the absolute protagonist of the tour.

Visitors will be able to stop in the technical area for a photo opportunity with the background of the playing pitch and the benches, breath the scent of the freshly cut grass and relive the excitement of the protagonists of the Stadio Olimpico.

6. The display case room

An area dedicated to the great protagonists of Rugby.

The official shirt worn by Antonio Pavanello, the ball celebrating the first match of the Six Nations 2015 between Italy and Ireland, the original boots worn by Mauro Bergamasco, the official game shirt worn by Marco Bortolami, centenary of the Italian national team.
To enrich the whole itinerary, emotional videos and insights can be accessed scanning the QR Code placed on the display case.

7. The Stadio Olimpico store and Gold Open Bistrò

A Merchandising area in the heart of the Stadium where visitors will have the opportunity to purchase a souvenir of the visit, gadgets and memorabilia of the Stadio Olimpico and of all its main users (FIGC, AS Roma, SS Lazio).

The bistro of the Stadio Olimpico Tour is signed by Antonello Colonna. In a newly built hospitality area, organized as a restaurant, the chef offers a dedicated gastronomic offer that is also open to users outside the tour (by reservation).

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